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Dear customers

There are several ways to place your Christmas order at Moen’s.

Your first option is to come into the shop. This will allow you to speak face to face with one of our experienced butchers, and allow us to show you portion sizes among other things.

Option two is give us a ring. This will again allow you to speak to one of our experienced butchers, and allow us to advise you on portion sizes.

At Moens we take great pride in providing your Christmas order. Please allow adequate time for placing your order to help us provide this service.

The third option is to use our limited order sheet. This is for people who simply don’t have the time to either come into the shop or ring us. On this form there are options for you to pick from (please telephone for full product information). You can either email us the completed form, or simply bring it into the shop, where after you will receive a phone call giving you your order confirmation number. You’re order is not completed until this point.

Last orders will be taken the 19th of December.


Moens and sons limited order sheet

Moens christmas help sheet





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